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Techfive acquires Advanced Network Solutions, Managed Service Provider in Overland Park

Max Pierce - OCTOBER 31, 2023

Welcome to Techfive, Advanced Network Solutions!

We are excited to announce the strategic acquisition of Advanced Network Solutions, a managed service provider based in Overland Park KS. Advanced Network Solutions has been providing technology solutions to loyal customers for over 15 years. They provide managed IT and cybersecurity services.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Advanced Network Solutions will be joining Techfive!

For Techfive, the strategic acquisition of ANSI represents great opportunity for us. As a result we will be able to provide even better technical consulting to clients, and better customer service. Combining both brands means clients of both ANSI and Techfive will be in better, more qualified hands.

For our teams this acquisition significantly improves advancement and growth opportunities, both internally and externally. Combining our multi-industry expertise means all team members have more opportunities to learn and ultimately positively affect their career growth.

We are extremely excited for the future of Techfive and now, ANSI as well. Acquisitions mean our teams, clients, and partners are better off across the board.


About Advanced Network Solutions

“Advanced Network Solutions, Inc. (“ANSI”) proactively keeps your business network of servers, desktops, laptops, and remote workforce up and running using Managed Services Program (“MSP”) agents. MSP agents work to automate the process of updating and monitoring the health of your IT infrastructure.


Our experienced staff is well versed in Information Technology and Cyber Security. ANSI uses a suite of Cyber Security solutions in areas such as firewalls, endpoint security and email security to keep your business safe. In addition, ANSI provides support through remote desktop access using a call-in help desk system for end users, or by on-site appointments in the metropolitan Kansas City and Johnson County KS area.


We can also provide vendor management support, including interaction with software vendors, allowing you to focus on your business! Our software application stack uses market leading solutions to provide a safe secure and stable computing environment.”

About Techfive

Techfive is re-writing the IT industry playbook by building a modern IT & cybersecurity solution for the new world of work. We secure, support, and scale technology for modern businesses to help:

  1. Improve workplace efficiency
  2. Remove growth bottlenecks
  3. Ensure security and reduce liability
  4. Build great workplaces

Cyber-secure your remote team, extinguish daily IT fires, and a build a technology-supported vision for your future with just one partner.

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Cyber-secure your remote team, extinguish daily IT fires, and a build a technology-supported vision for your future with just one partner.

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