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Techfive acquires Hanebutt Technologies, MSP in Overland Park

Max Pierce - NOVEMBER 16, 2022

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Welcome to Techfive, Hanebutt!

We are excited to announce the strategic acquisition of Hanebutt Technologies, a managed service provider based in Overland Park KS. Hanebutt has been providing technology solutions to loyal customers for over 20 years. They provide managed IT and cybersecurity services.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Hanebutt will be joining Techfive.

For Techfive, the strategic acquisition of Hanebutt represents great opportunity for us. As a result we will be able to provide even better technical consulting to clients, better customer service, and greatly enhance our geographical reach. Combining both brands means clients of both Hanebutt and Techfive will be in better, more qualified hands.

For our teams this acquisition significantly improves advancement and growth opportunities, both internally and externally. Combining our multi-industry expertise means all team members have more opportunities to learn and ultimately positively affect their career growth.

We are extremely excited for the future of Techfive and now, Hanebutt as well. Acquisitions mean our teams, clients, and partners are better off across the board.

About Hanebutt Technologies

Hanebutt Technologies is an IT solutions company based in Kansas City. Our offerings include fully managed IT services, cloud migration, and technology consultancy. Our team can transform your company with new technology and raise your productivity to new levels.
At Hanebutt, we focus on the needs of your business before the needs of your technology. When we come to work with you, our first questions aren’t going to be about your computer systems. We want to know who you are and what you want your technology to do for you. We want to be your partner in IT and work toward your business goals
About Techfive

Techfive is re-writing the IT industry playbook by building a modern IT & cybersecurity solution for the new world of work. We secure, support, and scale technology for modern businesses to help:

  1. Improve workplace efficiency
  2. Remove growth bottlenecks
  3. Ensure security and reduce liability
  4. Build great workplaces

Cyber-secure your remote team, extinguish daily IT fires, and a build a technology-supported vision for your future with just one partner.

About Techfive Capital

Techfive is a group of capital investors focused on acquiring and growing IT service providers in the Midwest United States. We buy companies that fit these parameters:

  1. They are consistently profitable
  2. They have a high-quality team in place with established management
  3. They have demonstrated successful operations
  4. They make roughly $350k – $1MM/yr in SDE/EBITDA

Techfive Capital is not a private equity company nor backed by private equity, we are a group on individual investors. We buy businesses that we can hold long-term and grow. We provide flexibility for founders and team members and simple deal structures (with fair offers).

If you are looking to sell your IT business or know someone we should speak to, please reach out to our principal investor directly at

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Cyber-secure your remote team, extinguish daily IT fires, and a build a technology-supported vision for your future with just one partner.

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