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Monitor Technology is now Techfive: How we are building a brand for the future

Max Pierce - November 24, 2021

Carl Sagan quote saying "somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known"

Today, at Techfive, we're launching our new brand. This a radical change from what we were before, this new brand is a representation of our mission as a business moving forward. You may notice flashy new logos, new vibrant colors and a bold new typeface but that just scratches the surface of what we are creating. So here is a deep-dive into what our new brand really means.

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What even is a brand anyway?

You probably hear the term “brand” a lot, especially if you work in marketing (like I do). But it can be hard to define really what being a strong “brand” means.

For us a brand is what you feel when you hear, see, or interact with a company. Do they make you feel secure? happy? excited? We dove head first into that question, what you are seeing is the result.

We broke our rebrand process down into 3 core components:

1. How we express ourselves to our clients:

That means our logo(s), the way we sound, and how we visually look everywhere else, think signs, banners, business cards, etc.

2. How everyone else experiences Techfive:

When you interact with a technician, or you use one of our services, how does that feel? Do you get an impression of who Techfive is?

3. Sharing our brand as humans:

Can we create a brand that represents more than just the colors & logos? We want to create something that people want to talk about.

Strong brands make you feel like you are part of their world.

The best brands on the planet do so much more than look great, they make us all feel a certain way. These feelings drive our actions, which is why you will drive right by KFC to go to Chick-fil-a (unless it’s Sunday). Not only do we want to buy more from them, we want to talk about the great experiences they create with the people around us.

This is really where a “brand” is so vital. A brand transcends a product alone. A brand is who we are and what we stand for.

At Techfive, we want to be a brand that drives innovation, especially in places where people don’t typically expect to see innovations come from.

We are going to emphasize and invest in our brand at every point. This rebrand is one of the first steps in achieving that goal.

Creating our new brand at Techfive

We have pondered the idea of rebranding for some time now, especially considering the radical shift the world has undergone in the last 2 years. We have a culture at Techfive that is developing (and special to us). We wanted to find a way to represent how we felt internally and project it externally.

To create a brand that would drive us towards the future—and show the world around us who we really are—we needed to mesh these three key areas:

  1. How our clients feel about us today:
  2. What do our clients want to see and how do they feel about our business today. We know we provide a great service but we have been struggling to project that outside our small spheres of influence.
  1. What the vision for our service is long term:
  2. Our vision is to help small businesses thrive by safely & securely leveraging technology through education and outreach.
  1. Why do we exist:
  2. What impact can we have on the world around us? For us it’s the ability to support the growth of Americas rural areas however possible.

How we became Techfive

The process of combining those three key areas was complex. It required us as an business to face some tough realizations and to deeply reflect on what we truly desired to create. Here’s how we became Techfive.

A new icon
Our new icon, which you will typically see sitting beside “techfive” forming our new logo is the face of our new brand. The icon really is thing that catches your eye first.

In the digital sketch below you can see our general process when designing this new icon. We wanted to create something that is immediately recognizable, super modern, and reinforces that feeling of curiosity.

Digital illustration showing the process of creating our new logo

Typography, colors, and more Our new typeface is Inter. We chose Inter because it is modern, legible, bold, and simple. It represents our resolute mission at Techfive to be a great partner in security and technology.

If you were wondering what it looks like, just check out any text on our site, it’s all Inter.

New color pallate
Our colors are based around various dark & purple hues. We wanted to create a brand that is mysterious and makes people who visit us think and explore. Our brand represents the wonder you feel when you look at the stars on a dark night. For us, our new color pallate is a perfect representation of that.

4 color blocks showing Techfive new brand colors

People first approach

You will start to notice a lot of more of our amazing team members in our branding. We came to the realization that we weren’t putting our best foot forward by not showing off our team whenever possible.

Ultimately, our clients interact and work with our amazing team more than anything or anyone else at Techfive.

That’s why we are making a commitment moving forward to better represent the people that make Techfive run every day. Our new branding is just step 1 of that process.

Our people are our brand and are the best representation of it. Expect to see this as a core part of our brand moving forward. We aren’t where we want to be but the plans are in place.

Here’s a couple of the great people behind Techfive:

2 men at a desk pointing towards 3 monitors in the Techfive office.

This is only the beginning

To really represent our new brand—and to ensure people feel good about working with Techfive—we know that this a never-ending process.

We know we must stay true to our vision and values that guide us. We must continue to do our best work and strive to do better and be better every day.

We really feel like this new brand fits what we are all about. We’ve built a brand that we hope will drive you to be curious and that will inspire change in the world around us.

Techfive logo on a gradient purple and tan background

That’s it for this one. If you are curious about more of why we changed and the process behind it, please reach out so we can have a chat.

Be sure to visit our content hub again next week for a deep dive into performing a cyber security audit of your business, all on your own. Thanks for reading.

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